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The Bosch Aquastar 1000P Tankless Water Heater Model

The Bosch Aquastar 1000P is a gas tankless water heater which is perfect for a single appliance that doesn’t need a lot of hot water. It is very small, so you can install it almost anywhere. It also saves you space, there is no need to get a tankless water heater which can heat a lot of gallons of water per minute, if you need a small amount of hot water.

The 1000P Bosch tankless water heater has an overall efficiency of 80%,which is more than enough in my opinion. The lowest flow rate of this model is 0.6 gallons per minute. The most important temperature rises of the water that the 1000P can reach at different flow rates are: The best temperature rise of 90°F is achieved at the lowest flow rate, 0.6 gallons per minute. The next best temperature rise is 75°F, achieved at a flow rate of 0.8 gallons per minute. A temperature rise of 65°F can be reached at a flow rate of 0.9 gallons per minute. At a flow rate of 1 tun per minute, the temperature rise achieved is 55°F. The worst temperature rise is 45°F and is reached at the flow rate of 1.3 gallons per minute.

The installation of this model can be pretty easy, because it is a small model. The bigger and more efficient models are always harder to install. More details that you will surely need for the installation on the 1000P model are: The water and gas association type is 1/2″ NPT. The exact size is also important, so you can have an idea where to install it. It has a height of 25 3/8″, a width of 10 5/8″ and the depth of 9 1/8″. The weight is 25 lbs. It is strongly suggested that the water pressure is between 30 PSI and 150 PSI. The lowest pressure if it is a propane model should be 11″ W.C., if it is a natural gas model then the lowest pressure should be 7″ W.C.

The warranty for this model is the same as for the other Bosch Aquastar models. You get a 12 year warranty for the heat exchanger if you use the tankless water heaters for a single family home. In other cases you only get 2 years for it. For all the other parts you have a 2 year warranty. The 1000P Aquastar is perfect for a single appliance that needs only small amounts of hot water.

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